Why No-Till Farming and Micro Drainage are the Perfect Fit

By now you know why the Micro Drainage Concept works so well, is so effective and popular. But why is it such a perfect fit with No-Till Farming? There are several reasons, but three are prominent.

First, applying the Micro Drainage Concept to the No-Till technique allows you to plant your crops sooner, which will give you a good head start on the season.

Secondly, using these two concepts together will naturally increase the amount of water that infiltrates the soil. It will also drain excess water away for more aerobic environment in higher rainfall areas. This will help yield a healthier crop and ensure you get the most out of the season.  

Thirdly, using the Micro Drainage Concept with the No-Till technique will significantly increase the soil's retention of organic matter naturally found in the soil, along with the recycling of nutrients.    

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