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​Optimizing faster, more shallow drainage effects means understanding soil biology.

Shallow Drainage & Closer Spacing


Improving infiltration & holding capacity 

    • Increasing your organic matter
    • Minimizing your tillage 
    • Maintaining thick root structure year round 
    • Increasing your microorganisms
    • Balancing your soil fertility ​​

Here are some links of understanding soil infiltration:

Soil Slake & Infiltration Tests 

Ground Cover & Water Infiltration

Shallow Drainage & Closer Spacing

  • Closer lateral spacing's, runs (20’) or less
  • Typical 24” or shallow as possible
  • Quicker drainage to field capacity
  • More reserve water in dry year
  • Quicker in fields after rain
  • Less compaction
  • Better root development
  • Lower stressed plants
  • Quicker and higher organic matter

Perpendicular Drainage

  • Install perpendicular to water flow
  • Using GPS allows you to install this way
  • Installed around hill v/s through hill
  • Maintaining uniform depth 
  • Intercepting side hill sips 

Time Frame of Infiltration Rates

  • By understanding soil biology of how it functions
  • According to studies, seen up to 10" per/hr infiltration rates
  • Water intercepts tile much higher rates
  • Optimizing are most critical time, for sensitive plants
  • Creates much quicker aerobic environment 

How We Evaluate Our Potential Customers

We established the  Micro Drainage Concept after five years of evaluation on understanding how it functions beneath surface. There is a lack of understanding on combining drainage with soil biology.  MICRO DRAINAGE CONCEPTS is a free information center, providing feedback by farmer’s, as well as evaluating, fabricating and training by the Micro Drainage Concepts team.

Evaluating golf courses has been a great resource for understanding the time frame of quicker, shallower drainage effects. There are some factors behind golf course research on HOW drainage functions. So why couldn’t we read between the lines and apply to the agriculture world?

After the last several years of evaluating between conventional farming to biological farming of bias on both sides due to lack of understanding of both parties. The success we have is the right placement, combined with understanding soil biology, and the proper tile size which also allows cost savings.

Now that we understand the infiltration rates between high tillage and depleting soil life (1/4” to 1” coefficient per 24 hr. period) v/s increasing your soil life by working on your soil biology (which have up to 10” per hr. coefficient under right conditions) which creates a quicker drainage function.

After evaluation, we found these key factors effect performance:  how much rainfall per year, the intensity of rainfall (in the most critical time) and what type of crop is being planted. These determine whether we need drainage or not.

To provide Products and Services to our customer from small to large. We are categorizing in three different levels;

Tier One

This level provides services to approximately less than 80 acres of drainage installation of your own land. (When in most cases it is not practical to buy your own equipment.) We are creating a network of committed drainage contractors across the United States. When a customer calls we connect you with your local Micro Drainage Concepts contractor, to provide our products and services to maximize your drainage needs.

Teir Two

This level is to create small “Micro Drainage Concepts” contractors who will install their own drainage, for up to mid-size farmers and less than a million feet per year. We would provide you with adequate training to learn our concept. Committing to yearly meetings of sharing their challenges and performances, as well as customer feedback for the future.

Tier Three

This level is for large farmers and drainage contractors. “Micro Drainage Concepts” combine with AgReplan drainage services. This includes surface and subsurface drainage combined, which would be providing adequate tools for doing the job. This also has a yearly meeting of farmers of the same mindset to come together, share their challenges and performance for the future.

We Strive to Develop​

"Micro Drainage Concepts focus on developing individual team member's CHARACTER and competency. CHARACTER is about who we are. Competency is about what we know."

Micro Drainage Concepts

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