Maximizing Profit

Many people don’t realize the fact that American Farms are the original small business that literally built this country. Whether your farm is large or small, family-owned or corporate, farms are all businesses. Profitability is a huge concern and getting the most out of our lands is essential for success. Getting the largest possibly yield each season can no longer be the only way we raise revenue. So, what ways can we raise revenue without increasing our costs past what we can afford?


For those who are not currently using no-till practices this won’t necessarily apply. Currently, no-till farming brings far superior results to traditional tilling especially over long periods of time. As mentioned in previous posts you can get extra mileage out of your cover crops. Not only are they good for the soil and will increase your yield; they can also become cash crops in their own right. Conventional wisdom in the ag industry is to terminate these crops before they reach maturity, however, this can be a huge mistake.


When choosing cover crops, it’s important to know both the type and health of your soil. Equally important is how to achieve some measure of profit or cost reduction in the seed in the covers you choose from. Try selecting a combination of grazing crops. No till farmers have found that by using this strategy they not only feed their livestock, where grazing covers are planted the next season show demonstrably higher yields in those fields. The soil is healthier and more robust allowing for greater yields and obviously healthier plants. If you don’t have any livestock, consider partnering with nearby farms that need more grazing lands. This will help you save on the price of seed, fertilizer and feed for your animals.


Speak with one of our representatives about what kinds of cover crops are right for your soil and as always, make sure you’re getting the most from your fields with proper drainage. Thanks for reading.