New technologies and methods are helping growers manage moisture levels in their fields and improve the timeliness of farming operations.

As growers push to get more bushels from every acre, efficient drainage systems are needed to carry away excess water in a timely manner. But many fields never realize their full potential because of clogged or broken tiles, poor system design or even a lack of records on tile locations.

Research shows that properly designed and installed subsurface drainage can boost yields in poorly drained soils, reduce erosion and compaction issues and make timely field operations possible.

GPS Comes To Tiles

The biggest challenge in improving drainage systems on farms may be getting the tiles installed at the correct grade so water drains away properly. The dawn of laser-guided systems have made it easier to find the correct grade. But lasers have limitations on uneven grades or long ranges. They are not geo-referenced and cannot read variations within a grade.

In recent years, new products utilizing GPS technology are allowing no-tillers or contractors to use sub-inch accuracy — both left and right and up and down — to find the correct grade for tiles.

At Richland Micro Drainage we have the latest equipment in GPS technology and are ready to help you get started. Give us a call today, we would be happy to talk with you about your current situation and help you in making your dreams into a reality.

*The excerpt seen here is taken from an article titled “Cutting Edge Drainage Tools Give No Till a Boost” from the No Till Farmer Publication.

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