Do you have an issue in your field(s) with rye grass? A solution may soon be on its way. The Seed Terminator was invented in South Australia. It can be retrofitted to new and used tractors of various makes and models The retail cost is about $75,000. Currently, the machines are being trialed in Washington and Missouri.

The way the it works is by using two multistage hammer mills to pulverize weed seeds and spread the sawdust-like debris behind the header. Tests done have shown a 96% to 100% kill rate of rye grass seeds using the machine.

When pulverized, the weed seed debris is still rich in nutrients and acts as a fine mulch to improve soil health. It also reduces the need for herbicides and labor-intensive born-offs to keep weeds at bay after harvests.

A total of 121 full field trails have been on going with this new machine. We will see what comes of it, if it will become something that is even an affordable opportunity for the common American farmer to obtain.

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