The Advantages to Our 2-inch Tile Drain

Anyone who has tile drains in their fields will tell you one thing you have to keep an eye on is the root systems getting in there and plugging things up. It is, of course, a part of nature, as plant life grows the roots do too, searching for a place to get the nutrients it desperately needs to survive.  This happens most often with crops such as wheat, but it is also likely with alfalfa, corn, and cereal rye. Even some cover crops like Daikon Radish will infiltrate the tiles. And of course, you can’t rule out nearby trees, they have also been known to shoot out a root into the tiles.

The depth that you lay your tile does impact whether the roots will cause damage. Another factor is moisture when there is a lack of rain the roots will seek a water source and you will find plugged tiles come the following spring.

Possible solutions to the problem are not concrete yet. However, studies have shown that if you can prevent a reduction in flow it will help remedy the situation. When the flow is reduced you have standing water in your tile and the root will go for that instinctively every time. If you can keep the water flowing the chances of root infiltration greatly reduces. So, proper installation is Key!  Another tactic some installation companies are using is to use Y’s instead of T’s in the tile layout. Because Ts are more apt to become plugged. Yet another strategy is to use outside connectors instead of inside, this will promote better water flow because there is nothing in the way as the water is passing through.

Our method of installing tiles at a shallower depth, (typically 24” or less) laying them closer together laterally (20’ or less) allows for quick drainage. It only makes sense that you would see less clogging by using our system. Would you like to discuss the benefits of our system? We would be happy to hear from you!

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