The benefits of our system

If you are new to no-till farming or to micro-drainage, then maybe you do not realize that the two work beautifully together. Here is why.

Micro-drainage is (just as it states) a system that uses field tiles that are smaller in diameter than what was once used, and placing them not as deeply under the surface, it allows for better drainage of water off your fields.  This alleviates the issue of standing water, giving you a more properly maintained saturation rate. Now the reason why this is beneficial to being a no-till farmer is that you can’t get in your fields to plant until the ground is dry. Having to wait for nature to take its course can really test your patience! The faster the field is dry, the quicker you can get in there, and the quicker you can get a turn around on your crops.

Another benefit is the increase of infiltration rate, the infiltration rate is the speed at which water enters the soil. It is usually measured by the depth (in mm) of the water that can enter the soil in one hour. An infiltration rate of 15 mm/hour means that a water layer of 15 mm on the soil surface, will take one hour to infiltrate. The rate decreases as the soil becomes saturated. If the precipitation rate exceeds the infiltration rate, the runoff will usually occur unless there is some physical barrier. No-till farming runs the risk of losing the integrity of the soil if you are not careful to properly drain and irrigate. By using the micro-drainage system, you are ensuring that the soil maintains its integrity throughout the years, giving you a longer lifespan of nutrient-dense soil and crops.

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