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The Benefits of Snow Covered Fields

It’s that time of year yet again when snow begins to fall and covers our fields in a white blanket. This time of year, the fields often look beautiful, covered in fluffy snow but this raises the question, ‘is snow good for the soil?’

So, does anything good really come from the snow covering your fields? Well, right off the bat, we know that snow is a great insulator. Without snow the ground can deeply freeze causing damage to the soil. In addition to the snow insulating the ground, the snow helps to improve soil compaction. It’s also been shown that the shallow freezing and thawing of the ground is beneficial to the soil structure, as it helps improve the soil for a successful spring planting.

The other great thing about snow is that it acts as a great natural fertilizer! When the snow melts this causes certain elements to be released into the soil. One of those elements is nitrogen and it is an incredible element plants need for growth. Snow also helps preserve moisture during the winter months and in-turn waters the soil as it melts in the springtime.

As much as snow can often be annoying and frustrating to many people, it is a great factor in the improvement of soil health. The soil greatly benefits from being covered in snow during the winter months.

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