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Importance of Soil Health

Making sure your soil is healthy before spring planting plays an important role in the success of your crops. Whenever you’re thinking about soil health, it’s important to consider a variety of aspects.

One way to improve soil health is to keep the soil covered. Keeping the soil covered allows the microorganisms that live in the ground to get food, which makes the soil healthier.

Another way to improve soil health is to keep it as organic as possible. The amount of water the soil can store is directly tied to the level of organic matter it contains. It is simple really, healthy crops come from healthy soil; and healthy soil needs to retain more water.

Additionally, you can maintain your soil structure and avoid erosion by rotating your crops each year. Keep living crops in the ground as long as possible before they go bad.

Attempting to improve your soil health can often be an overwhelming task. But improving your soil health can be fairly easy with the right knowledge and minor changes to your farming methods.

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