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Infiltration Simplified

When it comes to soil health infiltration is an important aspect to be aware of but sometimes it can be confusing as to what exactly infiltration is. The process of water infiltration into soil is commonly not understood by farmers. Many believe that soil run off is unavoidable and just something that happens, however this isn’t the case. Often run off occurs because many people don’t understand how their land works or is laid out. Erosion and run off is not caused by nature and the environment but rather poor field mapping caused by several factors. This however can be a simple fix with the help of Richland Micro Drainage systems to get your field back up and running to avoid this problem in the future.

Rainfall often impacts bare soil, the impact of falling raindrops causes the soil to split into fine particles which clog soil pores and a seal that stops rapid water infiltration. Due to this factor only a small portion of rainwater can infiltrate into the soil; most of it runs off over the soil surface causing damage and lost of plants. Its important to keep the soil covered with plants or plant residue all year round for best quality soil.

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