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Why Micro Drainage is Different

Micro Drainage is a different way to drain your fields that you may not be as familiar with. The concept of Micro Drainage is to scope out sustainable drainage systems to see what will be best for your project. This concept is also makes it easier to customize your drainage system to be exactly what you need it to be to get the best out of your drainage system and the best out of your field.

These systems are designed to be automatically sized drainage systems to customized to your field and it’s needs. Designed to be a new way to drain to include flow controls, infiltration systems and attenuation structures within one fully integrated hydraulic model will drastically improve the quality of your field.

Micro Drainage allows for engineers to be able to design sustainable urban drainage systems including, and attenuation and infiltration structures that improve quality of your fields.

With this concept you have more freedom to design exactly what your field needs and how it needs it. Micro drainage is a revolutionary concept that is changing how farmer’s drain their fields giving better results. For a system that will help greatly improve your field going with a Micro Drainage system is a great choice.

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