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What to know before you start to dig

Looking to start draining your field? Here’s what you’ll need to know before digging. The thing to keep in mind when draining is that water shouldn’t sit on the field. Keep in mind proper drainage will help prevent this from occurring. If you want an easier experience in farming proper drainage will combat a lot of struggling.

Another thing to consider when starting the draining process is to take notes on a yielding map. A yielding map will help you assess where in your field you’re getting less crops from year to year. If this is the case you maybe able to start the draining process in that area of the field to help begin to produce more crops.

When looking into draining your field you’ll want to access your field entirely. You’ll want to find your wet spots, check for drain access points and choosing Micro Drainage to help you make the best out of your field. To ensure that you’re getting the most out of your crops and to keep producing plentiful crops each year invest in a drainage system that will last and help for years to come.

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