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The Three Tiers of Our Clients

Tier one: This level is to provide services of less than 80 acres of drainage installation of their land. At this tier, it is not practical to buy your own equipment. To provide services to you, we have created a network of small committed operators and drainage contractors across United States. When a customer’s call’s we direct to your local Micro Drainage Concepts drainage contractor and provide our Product and Services to handle all your drainage needs.

Tier two: This level is to create smaller “Micro Drainage Concepts” drainage contractors which install their own drainage for mid-size farmers that farm less than a million feet per year. We provide adequate training for you to learn and benefit from our concept. By committing to yearly meetings and sharing your challenges and feedback, we then come along side you to increase performance and eliminate obstacles.

Tier three: This level is for larger farmers and drainage contractors. Our Micro Drainage Concepts combine with Agrippa drainage services on this level to ensure maximum results. This includes surface and subsurface drainage, combined with us providing adequate tools for getting the job done. This also includes providing yearly meetings with farmers of same mindset that come together share their challenges, successes and performance for to paint a better future and more profitable future.

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