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How We Evaluate Our Potential Customers

The way we evaluate potential clients comes from more than five years of evaluation, experience and understanding of how it functions beneath surface. Due to lack of understanding of combining drainage with soil biology was the major driving force behind what we do.   Micro Drainage Concept is a free information center provided by feedback from farmer’s, evaluate, fabricate and train by Micro Drainage Concepts team.

Evaluating golf courses has been a driving factor of understanding the time frame of quicker and more shallow drainage effects. There are some driving factors behind golf course's research of how drainage generally function. So, we read between the lines and applied that concept to the agriculture world.

After several years of evaluating between conventional farming and biological farming of bias on both sides, due to lack of understanding on both parties. The success we have achieved comes from the correct placement, combined with understanding the soil biology and tile size, and it’s all about cost savings.

Because of our understanding of infiltration rates between high tillage and the depleting soil life (1/4” to 1” coefficient per 24 hr. period) and increasing your soil life by working on your soil biology (which have up to 10” per hr. coefficient under right conditions). We concluded that this is what creates a quicker drainage function. We did the research and have perfected this concept so that you can reap the benefits of it.

After evaluation of what driving factors are for performance of drainage and how much average rainfalls per year, the intensity of rainfall in the most critical times, and what type of crops you're working with, ultimately results as the deciding factor on if you need drainage or not along with the best course of action for our clients to achieve their goals.

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