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The Advantages of Micro Drainage with Conventional Farming.

How our concept can benefit the conventional farmer. You all know how important it is to prepare the soil properly for your crops. With all the rain we received this year, it is also important to make sure that your beds drain properly. Why do we need to pay attention to drainage? Drainage ensures that the…

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In House Pipe Production Saves Money

In House Pipe Production Saves Money! Exciting things are happening here at Richland Micro Drainage! We’re thrilled to announce that we are now in house with 2in pipe production! This is a great thing for everyone involved in the drainage industry as we can now cut back up to 40% off the cost it takes…

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Agrem Partnership

Agrem Partnership Richland Micro Drainage is happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Agrem! We’re excited to have this partnership because for the first time we’re able to have a software for our contour draining systems. Agrem specializes in growers, landowners, farm managers and contractors to provide water strategies that meet their needs and the…

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The History of Micro-Drainage

The History of Micro-Drainage While the agriculture industry has been around for centuries, it is still learning stuff to advance the process along. One of the issues that many farmers have is their land retains too much water causing production to be lower than it could be. Farmers first started fixing this issue by hand…

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Our Client Tiers

The Three Tiers of Our Clients Tier one: This level is to provide services of less than 80 acres of drainage installation of their land. At this tier, it is not practical to buy your own equipment. To provide services to you, we have created a network of small committed operators and drainage contractors across…

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How We Evaluate Our Potential Customers

How We Evaluate Our Potential Customers The way we evaluate potential clients comes from more than five years of evaluation, experience and understanding of how it functions beneath surface. Due to lack of understanding of combining drainage with soil biology was the major driving force behind what we do.   Micro Drainage Concept is a free…

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