Subsurface Drainage

And the Micro Drainage Concept

Subsurface drainage is a pipe installed beneath the ground surface to collect and/or convey excess water. Not everyone considers it a necessity. However, those that utilize it will tell you the benefits from having subsurface drainage are hard to live without! There are different ways to go about installing the pipe, and there are different types and sizes of pipes available to you.

Our Micro Drainage Concept is not only beneficial to you as a farmer, but it is beneficial to your fields. Because we do not dig so deep into the earth (which could disturb the nutrients of the soil) and our tiles are smaller in diameter. This makes for better flow and eventual drain off of the excess water, and you are less apt to see the issues that arise when tiles get clogged with roots.

Do you have issues with puddling and over saturated soil in your fields? We are dedicated to improving and advancing the concept that greater crop yields don’t have to drain the nutrition of your soil or break your bank account. We would love to talk to you about how to best resolve the issues you are having. Click here to take a look at the equipment we have available to help assist you 

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