One route to consider when addressing over saturation

During rain the fields become wet. The water filters into the soil and is stored in its pores. When all the pores are filled with water, the soil gets saturated and no more water can be absorbed. When rain continues, pools may form on the soil surface, unless there is a surface drainage system of some sort in place.

When the water left on the soil surface has flowed to the soil below the surface this soil is not saturated anymore. However, this process may have taken too long. Because plant roots require air as well as water, most plants cannot withstand saturated soil for extended periods. This not only damages the crops, a very wet soil makes the use of machinery difficult, if not impossible. Therefore, measures must be taken to ensure proper drainage. Surface drainage refers to the removal of surface water by development of the slope of the land utilizing systems of drains to carry away the surplus water.

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