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Drainage and Irrigation of Your Fields

In order to yield the best crops, you need to have proper irrigation and drainage. Irrigation is the process whereby water is applied artificially to the soil in order to supplement insufficient rainfall. While drainage is the process involved in the removal of excess water in the soil.

 Irrigation helps to grow agricultural crops, maintain landscapes, and revegetate disturbed soils in dry areas and during periods of less than average rainfall. It helps to cultivate superior crops with the water supply as per the need of the crops. Ultimately it helps in economic development. Irrigation water improves water conditions in the soil, increases the water content of plant fibers, dissolves nutrients & makes them available to plants.

Drainage ensures that the soil is properly aerated. If you have excess or standing water, it can choke your crops. Drainage reduces soil and nutrient loss from runoff and can help avoid soil erosion. Drainage on hill slopes helps to reduce the risk of soil slippage.

Micro-Drainage has been proven an effective way to get proper drainage for your fields AND it is much more cost effective! The 2” tile that we produce is run on 20 feet laterals or less, providing the proper runoff and allowing the soil to maintain the nutrients and minerals your crops need in order to flourish!

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