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The History of Micro-Drainage

While the agriculture industry has been around for centuries, it is still learning stuff to advance the process along. One of the issues that many farmers have is their land retains too much water causing production to be lower than it could be.

Farmers first started fixing this issue by hand digging a trench and placing hollowed out logs on the bottom. After the placement of the log they would place clay and cement tiles with steam and gas wheel trenchers. This way was very labor intensive and required an excessive amount of skill.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, the Tile Plow was developed, and it was a game changer. Before hand you would have to remove all the dirt them place the tile. With the creation of the Tile Plow it would do them both at once, saving a bunch of time. Installing the micro drainage used to be a costly expense. It can still be expensive, but the return on the investment becomes better every year.

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